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1Why should I dilute these highly concentrated Shampoos?

When undiluted, the shampoo is not likely to penetrate through the pets fur all the way to the skin The skin has glands that produce oils to protect the fur. These oils can cause smelly odors. Diluted shampoo can easily work its way to the skin's surface where it can cleanse the skin eliminating smelly odors for a thoroughly clean pet!

With undiluted shampoo the thick lather takes much longer to rinse wasting your time and water.

With undiluted shampoo you are likely to use 10 times more product and as a result get fewer washes for your money.

Please remember, you should never dilute more shampoo than you will be using. These "All Natural Products" have no added chemicals or preservatives. If your mixing containers get contaminated that can cause the product to go bad. Diluted products are not meant to sit on the shelf.

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